What Every Business Needs to Know About the Impact of Social Media on Security & Employee Productivity

If you are a CEO that is concerned about employees wasting time online using non-work-related websites like Facebook or Twitter - OR WORSE, using company resources to access pornography, gambling sites, hate groups or more - then read on.

Why you SHOULD be concerned

While it is not uncommon for employees to waste a bit of time on relatively harmless activities, such as shopping or visiting a favourite sports site, times have changed; employers are learning the hard way that employee use or abuse of the company's network and Internet can lead to significant liability, not to mention the time wasted if not monitored.

For example, one business owner (who will remain nameless) discovered, with CBIT's help, that one of their staff was soliciting a minor using company resources. The staff member was eventually charged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) - clearly a PR nightmare. And cases like this are happening everywhere.

Then there's the wasted time. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are addictive. If your employees are constantly "plugged in" to those sites, they won't be nearly as productive at work as they should be.

How to solve this problem

Protecting your company requires two steps at a minimum. The first is to have a written company policy that details what employees can and can't do with company resources or during company hours. Next you'll want to have a content filtering system in place that will enforce your policy by automatically "regulating" your company email and Internet usage, blocking sites and content you don't want your employees to access without hindering their ability to work online.

Productivity and Security Assessment

Mark Twain once said, "Supposing is good, but knowing is better." If you want to know for sure how much time your employees are spending on non-work related surfing and what websites they are accessing, call us for a free trial of our content filtering hardware. At no cost, we will install our monitoring system for a week (it will not impact your production environment) and then provide you with an accurate report of what your employees are doing online while at work.

Free Productivity and Security Assessment (Valued at $350) will reveal:

  • What websites employees visit and how much time they spend there
  • If your firewall, anti-virus and other security settings are set up properly to protect you from a hacker or malware attacks
  • How you can put simple, automated tools in place to watch over your company's email and Internet connection

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