About Us

The CBIT companies exists to bridge the gap between what clients know and what they need to know to be effective, and to provide high quality and efficient technical services that will save our clients time and effort.

Our team thrives on a dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging work environment where knowledge and experience come first, and we are constantly striving to provide a level of service beyond those of traditional offerings. 

Partners and clients alike will all tell you the same story.  Stick with the experts.  The efficiency, quality, and peace of mind that comes along with engaging professionals to do the job right can’t be beat.

Services: Training. Assessment. Certification

CBIT Academy is CBIT’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) team dedicated to providing nationally recognised digital forensics training.

Our trainers and assessors all have a strong digital forensics background so you can be assured that the skills and knowledge you gain is relevant to this fast-moving field.

As an ASQA-approved organisation, CBIT Academy is able to issue nationally recognised qualifications and statements of attainment to assist you in furthering your career in digital forensics.

Training is delivered in a blended environment, offering both in-class and remote student learning. Utilising a combination of pre-recorded video, live sessions and written resources, along with a variety of hardware and software tools, we work with you to ensure you meet all course requirements and gain the competencies you seek.

Services: Training. Assessment. Certification. Sales. Consultancy. Digital Forensics. Court Testimony. Secure Storage.

CDFS is Australia’s premier supplier of digital forensics hardware, software and training. Our team also work in digital forensics, providing consultancy and technical support to a wide variety of private and public sector organisations. As we work with the full range of forensic tools, you can be assured that we can help you find the correct solution.

Our analysts are familiar with the full digital forensics workflow, from scoping through to the crime scene and providing expert testimony. And if you work in a secure environment, our analysts have security clearances up to PV.

CDFS also provides ISO certification services for those labs wishing to become certified. We can assist you through the entire process, from learning about the standards, gap analyses and planning through to designing systems to meet the requirements.

Services: Data recovery. Sanitisation.

Utilising our extensive background working with digital storage, CDR provides leading data recovery and sanitisation services nation-wide. Our recovery analysts use the latest hardware and software backed with years of experience to recover data from hard drives, solid state drives, USB devices, memory cards and many other digital storage devices.

CDR can also provide certified data sanitisation services for those times you wish to ensure there is no way information can be recovered from a storage device. With team members holding a variety of security clearances, you can be sure we will handle your data appropriately until it has been destroyed.

Services: Consultancy. Managed Services.

CBIT is a provider of strategic technology solutions. Regardless of your business size, CBIT offers comprehensive IT outsourcing services that give you fast access to technical expertise without forcing you to hire, train and maintain a full in-house IT staff.  Your service structure is tailored specifically to you.